Breaking Mars- The One Stop Solution For B2B Marketing

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5 Members

We had three developers, one SQA and one scrum master.

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13 Sprints

This product ran for total 13 sprints.

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5 Months

The total duration of the development timeline was 5 months.

Project Overview

Breaking Mars is a powerful LinkedIn Automation tool built to serve the B2B Marketplace. This tool is enriched with data that helps the sales team to increase their business growth by successfully finding their targeted customers. The system efficiently locates high-quality leads for its users, paving them to find and close more of their ideal clients in less time.

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About Project

Our expert team simplifies their workflow and processes their project with cloud-based software. Cloud-based automation means users no longer need to open tabs and manually click daily. To complete this project, our experts used rapid, practical prototype tools and languages like React, Node JS, Python, and Ant Design System.

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React, node js, paython

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Team Size

5 specialists

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36+ months


Our team offered a more convenient, structured, and scalable LinkedIn-managed service. One can generate more campaigns for their clients on breaking Mars. It helps users find and close new customers from any corner of LinkedIn. Customers can get the highest number of leads within a fraction of a second. Here is an example of how simply this powerful tool works :


Create a Breaking Mars account.


Create a campaign with LinkedIn search/ CSV upload/ Sales Navigation Searches/ First degree connections.


Integrate LinkedIn account.


A list of the targeted audience appears.

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Key functionality

Our team has made the task much easier by automating functions like sending customized messages, connection requests, automated messages, and follow-ups.


Breaking Mars offers all the essential LinkedIn automation features and some unique ones.


Due to its AI functionality, it is 100 times faster in sending messages and connections than humans.


Create and run campaigns with four unique ways to get up to 1000+ leads.


With the Campaign Statistics feature, one can get a complete check of their LinkedIn account progress.

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Project results


Breaking Mars helps users grab the data and generate leads in minute.


One can perform a comprehensive check of the conversion report with little effort.


It automatically engages with the prospects by scheduling automatic messages and follow-ups.


With 1000+ connections, one can effortlessly uncover untapped opportunities for growth for their business.

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