ChargeOn Site- The Best EV Charging Solution Period.

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5 Members

We had three developers, one SQA and one scrum master.

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This product ran for total 13 sprints.

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5 Months

The total duration of the development timeline was 5 months.

Project Overview

Charge OnSite is the largest electric vehicle charging network in the world. One can find over 500+ charging locations in its app. It’s the most extensive and easy-to-use network, with charging stations for electric cars for both commercial fleets and individual drivers. It provides a vast network of charging stations throughout the United States, with the added convenience of accepting digital payments.

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About Project

Our professional software development team mapped out a strategy to build a platform after thoroughly analyzing the client’s requirements through careful planning and research. To create this software, we employed state-of-the-art methods and hardware. We use cutting-edge lingo and technologies such as Node.js,, and the Ant design framework.

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Electronic automobile



React, node js, paython

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5 specialists

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36+ months


We are a top app development firm because we focus on the nitty-gritty of each client’s needs and then deliver the answer they were hoping for. To provide a first-rate experience, our knowledgeable staff created a platform that distributes the necessary software parts to the following three customers.


EV Owner: The primary user of Charge OnSite is an electric vehicle owner looking to locate charging stations, schedule charging sessions, and pay using various accepted payment methods.


Super Admin: An app’s top administrator has access to every setting in the program. Company, entity, property, location, billing, administrative, driver, and permit management are all under his control.


Property Admin: Our talented group created the property admin choice for user comfort. The Super admin might delegate his app management responsibilities to the property admin if he cannot manage the app.

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Key Functionality


We devised a method that incorporates every feature needed in a Charge OnSite app. Users can use this app on both mobile and desktop devices. Electric vehicle (EV) owners and building managers can use this app to access EV charging facilities.


The versatility of the app is expanded through three user modules.


High-quality, uncomplicated, and user-friendly user interface


The app’s interface is the most straightforward and most intuitive ever created.


A lightning-fast server and database support this application.

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Project Results


We made this app so that the charging station and the app can communicate without hiccups. The app has a lightning-fast connection time, allowing users to link up with a power source in a flash.


The state-of-the-art architecture of this top app is based on a Tree-Based Network.


The safety of our customers is never jeopardized. This software is protected by a login and password system.


The ability to exercise various command options is a great plus for this app. Two people control the app at a time simply by giving access from the super admin to the property admin.

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