Gold marketplace- Buy, Sell and stock your gold in vault.

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5 Developers

We had three developers, one SQA and one scrum master.

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5 Months

The total duration of the development timeline was 5 months.

Project Overview


The gold marketplace is an authentic e-commerce gold marketplace based in the Middle East that provides pure gold online. This marketplace contains gold ranging in carat weight from 18 to 20 carats. Traders can also exchange precious physical metals like silver, platinum, and gold bars. Gold can be purchased and stored safely, giving users complete control over the metal’s monetary future.

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About Project

Creating a gold marketplace online is sometimes risky. Our experts that are specialized in creating secure websites, have created this platform as legal, reliable, and secure. The Gold Marketplace is the ideal option for individuals and investors to invest in physical gold without having to worry about locating a place to keep it. There is a separate portion of the vault for tracking the transaction’s history. With industry-leading security and privacy requirements, this gold-trading platform provides exceptional online trading capabilities.

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React, node js, paython

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5 specialists

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36+ months



We designed this marketplace to be adaptable and versatile for all users. Admin can quickly create an account, manage user accounts and transactions, examine the user’s vault and transaction history, view invoices, and monitor transactions. With the creation of this platform, we aim to convey the ease, swiftness, and sophistication of current internet-based buying. Our team of developers thoroughly comprehended the client’s goals, and after examining all of these factors, they provided the client with a solution that perfectly met their specifications.

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Key Functionality


Our high-class developers made this B2B marketplace by considering the problems faced while trading gold, hence making it more secure and trustworthy.


Gold Marketplace offers a secure trading platform that enables sellers to buy pure gold bars confidentially.


One can easily and without reluctance keep gold bars and sell them anytime desired.


Our team created this marketplace with the intention of delivering both dependability and practicability. We set the marketplace smoothly and efficiently, so it is understandable without clutter or complex non-intuitive process steps.

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Project Results


 Users of Gold Marketplace have access to cutting-edge e-commerce technology, such as the legal and trustworthy sale and purchase of pure gold.Our professional team worked on developing a robust and adaptable identity for the variety of marketing objectives and channels, as well as the UI/ UX design for the e-commerce website, in order to make the marketplace user-friendly, simple to use, functional, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing. This platform benefits both the owner and the user. The market offers a risk-free satisfaction guarantee, allowing sellers to confidently sell their gold.

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