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5 Developers

We had three developers, one SQA and one scrum master.

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5 Months

The total duration of the development timeline was 5 months.

Project Overview


Itcan is a lightweight yet powerful project management tool that provides users with a unified workspace to create tasks, projects, structured notes, run reports, and so on. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource for both small and large enterprises. It works equally well on desktop and mobile devices and experiences minimal interference. Users can benefit from project management, project tracking, sustainable communication, scalable results, consolidated portfolio work, and simple interference.


About Project


Our Specialised team developed adaptable software for overburdened project managers to run their projects smoothly and effectively. Users save time by not switching between applications like spreadsheets, email clients, and word processors. They now have a streamlined method of creating, managing and keeping tabs on their projects using a single, easy-to-use interface.

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React, node js, paython

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Team Size

5 specialists

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36+ months



The solution is to create a unified, multi-purpose application that can assist project managers and other stakeholders in cutting redundancy, streamlining processes, and improving overall efficiency. In particular, we aimed to furnish the user with the following amenities:


Users can create project roadmaps to get a high-level overview and keep track of all of its projects


We developed this tool to maintain compliance and offer all the tools necessary for users to manage access across their organization


We’ve put a premium on creating a product that’s easy to use. Itcan is a user-friendly, high-tech management solution that can be picked up by anyone and put to use immediately


Itcan provides real-time, actionable insights about how their team performs sprint over sprint. It’s also handy for keeping track of tasks and organizing upcoming projects.

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Key Functionality


Our professional staff is dedicated to creating a reliable, user-friendly, and trustworthy platform. We’ve developed an industry-leading tool that speeds up project processing and streamlines the procedures.


Itcan is an all-encompassing platform that facilitates better teamwork and, in turn, a better user experience.


Itcan has many helpful project management features, such as projects with sub-tasks, milestones, and deadlines


An easy-to-understand tracking system for all projects helps to stay on track to hit project goals with up-to-date status.


It can help teams streamline their upcoming work and tasks and assign multiple tasks and milestones to the users at the same time


By combining advanced features and capabilities with a clean and user-friendly interface, our knowledgeable and experienced team was able to improve the team’s ability to work together. Project management software is designed for a great user experience – a clean interface and simple functionality. Project management software designed for a great user experience–a clean interface and simple functionality.

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Project Results


Our management team offers a befitting tool that is a vital bridge between a project manager and the team. Itcan provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for a unit.


Using Itcan make for more efficient teamwork by simplifying task management and fostering more effective communication and coordination among members of interdisciplinary groups. It helps keep track of projects and stimulates lively debate amongst team members.


Weekly and monthly status reports give managers and executives an in-depth look at the near and far future.


The purpose of Itcan is to help organizations improve employee performance and teamwork. This tool is time-saving since the user does not need to switch between various apps to complete a task. Users can access all the essential data in one convenient place.


Intriguing project management methodology is at the heart of Itcan, providing users with the added benefit of higher output.

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