Kinetic Marketplace- A Place that makes buyer and seller business easier

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5 Developers

We had three developers, one SQA and one scrum master.

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13 Sprints

This product ran for total 13 sprints.

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5 Months

The total duration of the development timeline was 5 months.

Project Overview

Kinetic Marketplace is a beautifully designed eCommerce website. This marketplace is a global online multinational retailer for wholesale product buying and selling. It sells an extensive selection of reasonably priced goods and provides every consumer with a personalized and engaging experience. This online market’s distinctive feature is the auction function it offers to consumers. With the best offer system, shoppers can bite on a price to receive a good deal.

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About Project

Our skilled team has simplified and rationalized this marketplace. After opening an account and building a storefront, users can instantly begin listing items on Kinetic Marketplace to launch their enterprises. This marketplace is the most adaptable platform available. Two users have access to this marketplace. The first user is the administrator or owner, whereas the second is the buyer or seller. Sellers will control product listings, shipping charges, and return procedures automatically. It is a marketplace for innovative and unique goods and concepts. There are a variety of business methods merchants can employ to offer things on the site.

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React, node js, paython

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Team Size

5 specialists

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36+ months


Our top-tier developers created this B2B marketplace by considering the challenges associated with the exchange of commodities, and we have made the interference, image uploading time, bidding, and account creation much simpler and more convenient. We’ve developed three distinct panels and three distinct types of user modules.


In this market, the administrator may easily monitor the buyer and seller. Additionally, sellers can benefit from this platform by offering opportunities like the Product lot.


To bid on the opportunity (product lot), purchasers must submit a signed legal business agreement.


Sellers are notified immediately when their request is accepted or deleted.

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Key Functionality


Our professional team streamlines their workflow and makes their project user-friendly and accessible to all users. We have provided the ideal solutions to their requirements.


There are three distinct panels for each user.


Customers can peruse several product categories


Our experienced developers crafted an honest and trustworthy platform brimming with legitimate commercial procedures.


This transparent transaction management and secure account management


We created a fast chat box for quick communication between buyers and sellers for the sake of convenience. The buyer can directly communicate with the seller. This attribute prevents order cancellation, encourages purchases, and enhances comprehension.

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Project Results


A kinetic marketplace is a valuable and authentic marketplace built to serve potential buyers and sellers. It is the ideal platform for businesspeople and merchants to build their online businesses. Users can benefit from an interface that is user-friendly, readily available, and simple to use for the optimum user experience.


Businesses may feel safe transacting on the most trusted and secure B2B e-commerce platform.


We aim to create a modern and convenient e-commerce platform empowered by all the facilities that benefit each user.

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